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Receiving Hooks
Choose from 6 Receiving Hook Styles for either SIDEWINDER BARRIER® or DOCK-ALERT®
A choice of 6 different Receiving Hook styles accommodates various Retractable Safety Barrier installation requirements.

Style 7 is a Bollard Mount for attaching DOCK-ALERT to existing bollard, column or rack.
Requires a Receiving Hook to secure retractable safety barrier when extended.

  • Single hook, attach 1 Barrier
​              Styles 1, 3, 6

  • Double Hook, attach 2 Barriers
              Styles 2, 4, 5

  • Floor Mount
              Styles 5, 6

  • In-floor, Removable
              Style 4

  • Wall Mount
​              Styles 1, 2, 3

Please call us at (336) 282-5111 for more information or a quote.

SIDEWINDER BARRIER® or DOCK-ALERT® for quick closure and
 easy access to machines, aisles, roads, or loading docks.  Let's discuss 
your particular application and the most appropriate solution.

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