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Yellow PVC Housing
Safety Yellow Mesh Curtain
Standard Length 10' Long
Can be customized:
        Length Curtain, Color, Verbiage
DOCK-ALERT® Retractable Safety Barrier for Loading Docks
DOCK-ALERT® retractable safety barrier
is designed for use on loading docks.

DOCK-ALERT® is also in use to keep onlookers
 out of various facilities housing vehicles:
Zamboni, Trolleys, Race Cars

Please call us at (336) 282-5111 for more information or a quote.

SIDEWINDER BARRIER® or DOCK-ALERT® for quick closure and
 easy access to machines, aisles, roads, or loading docks.  Let's discuss 
your particular application and the most appropriate solution.

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DOCK-ALERT® retractable safety barrier in use on a Loading Dock. OSHA requires fall protection at 4' in General Industry. That means if your loading dock is 48" or higher, a safety barrier is required.
DOCK-ALERT® Customized

Longer, to 13'

Custom Message or Logo (pictured)
Receiving Hooks
Six Styles of Receiving Hooks to choose from and Bollard Mount Bracket
Designed to increase dock safety, DOCK-ALERT® is a loading dock barrier made with air-thru mesh to allow light and air through. The safety yellow color makes it more visible than a dock safety chain. Due to its high visibility, employees will be more likely to extend it, less likely to forget.

DOCK-ALERT® IS EASY TO extend/retract and retracts into 6" round PVC housing with a 10" square steel foot/shin plate. Standard length is 10' Long, though longer spans are available. This industrial loading dock barrier is 48" high plus an l8" sweep. Minimum installation involves lag bolts. There are 7 different Receiving Hook styles.

DOCK-ALERT® can be customized for length, color and verbiage printed on ribbon, which runs across the center.
Currently, DOCK-ALERT® is in use:

In a zoo
Allow limited access into a trolley barn when overhead doors are open
Close off a walkway to foot traffic when Zamboni is in use
On loading docks
At ground level rollup doors