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DOCK-ALERT ® is a highly visible retractable safety barrier designed specifically for use on Loading Docks.  OSHA 1910 requires fall protection at 48" for General Industry.

On loading docks
At ground level roll-up doors
Keep zoo visitors from crossing wallaby pathway
Limit spectator access to trolley barn with open doors
Close walkway access to Zamboni
Keep onlookers from NASCAR race team garage
Warn of moving conveyor

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SIDEWINDER BARRIER® is an Industrial Retractable Barrier for indoor or outdoor use. Currently used to close off a road and machine guard. Improves safety by restricting access to a high voltage test area. Keeps unauthorized persons from equipment.

Industrial Retractable Barriers for increased safety

Easy to extend.                    Easy to secure.                   Easy to retract.

Limits access around machines or test areas
Closes access to aisle or protected area
Defines an aisle for traffic flow
Creates a perimeter
Defines a walkway
Defines work cells
Indoor and outdoor use

Alert employees to workplace hazards with high-visibility retractable safety barriers

Please call us at (336) 282-5111 for more information or a quote.

SIDEWINDER BARRIER® or DOCK-ALERT® for quick closure and easy access to machines, aisles, roads, or loading docks. Let's discuss your particular application and the most appropriate solution.

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Receiving Hook Options

Choose from Six Styles of Receiving Hook Options and Bollard Mount Bracket
How our Retractable Safety Barriers came about

A customer was running a test where employees inadvertently broke a safety beam, requiring 2 hours for the test to reset and start again. An expensive 2 hours. SIDEWINDER BARRIER®, a spring-loaded retractable safety barrier, was designed specifically to solve this problem, and the customer has had no further problems with inadvertent test interruptions. Click here for more information on our SIDEWINDER BARRIER®.

DOCK-ALERT® was designed as an alternative to SIDEWINDER BARRIER®. DOCK-ALERT®, also a spring-loaded retractable safety barrier, is designed specifically for use on loading docks. Click here for more information on our DOCK-ALERT®.

Both SIDEWINDER BARRIER® and DOCK-ALERT® can be customized. Options include extra length, inclusion of logos or verbiage, SIDEWINDER BARRIER® with mesh panel and DOCK-ALERT® with solid vinyl.
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